reversible quilted bed cover blue kalam

reversible quilted bed cover blue kalam


Data sheet

Hand quilted plaid.

Birth gift, playmat, blanket, bedspread or plaid... depending on the size and use. Suitable for babies, children and adults.

No mystery about what's inside: cotton, only cotton, just not spun yet...

These patterns are "kalam Kari", a term which denotes both a style and a very ancient printing technique of applying colors using hand-carved wooden blocks - formerly styluses. There are as many blocks as there are colors. These colors are all natural dyes, made from fermented natural pigments like seeds, pomegranate… Applied with the blocks – which work like stamps – these colors will be revealed like magic when the fabric is washed in the river water. Then the fabric dries in the sun.

Depending on the quality of the water - which should be "neither too sweet nor too low" as they say - the intensity of the sun, the season - monsoon or not - the pattern will be different. It is a know-how that is passed on from generation to generation. Today it is Nanni who orchestrates the workshop, Nanni who dropped his computer engineering studies to take over from his father a few years ago. Nanni who fights for this know-how to remain intact and continue. 

Gentle machine wash - 30° - gentle soap

Dry clean also OK

Dryer with tennis ball recommended

This is the soft, fluffy, cosy, beautiful, practical, time-proof item that you will adore here and there at home.

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