Reversible quilted bed cover preorder


Available on : samedi, 21 novembre, 2020

This is a pre-order product. Once it is available in stock, your order will be dispatched.

100% Cotton

Reversible quilted blanket - hand stitched. Birthday gifts, playmat, bedspread or quilt depending on the size. So many possibilities ! To offer or for you, for, children but also for adults, this is our flagshiop product that you will keep forever.

Dimensions :

- 85x95cm

- 115x140cm

- 150x220cm

- 220x270cm

100% cotton - made washable at 30°C Screen printing works like a stencil.

On a large frame, a canvas is stretched. This canvas is pierced with tiny holes through which the dye will pass to form the design on the fabric placed underneath. There are as many frames as colors, each color coming to stand next to each other.

All our products are made using Indian printing, weaving and handmade techniques. 

  • Red kalam
  • Edward lama
  • Golden Flowers
  • triangles
  • 85 x 95 cm
  • 115 x 140 cm
  • 150 x 220 cm

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