cushion with filler

ref. KAH19CUSH
100% Cotton

All our products are made using Indian handprinting, handweaving and handcraft techniques.

Cushion with filler - for babies, kids or adults room, couch or armchair. Any other ideas?! Indian handcraft.

Screen printing works like a stencil. On a large frame, a canvas is stretched. This canvas is pierced with tiny holes through which the dye will pass to form the design on the fabric placed underneath. There are as many frames as colors, each color coming to stand next to each other.

Size : 

-30 x 30 cm

Recommendation : 30°C machine wash

  • blue palm
  • hibiscus
  • triangles
  • Raccoon
  • Yellow Jaguar
  • Punky Birds
  • Multico Jaguar
  • Blue Cars
  • Golden Flowers
  • Green Birds
  • Black Ikat
  • Turquoise Indian Flowers
  • blue ikat
  • 30x30cm

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